COVID-19 Update

Rivercity Technology Services Ltd. continues to provide IT services normally as of March 16th.

To our valued clients and close-knit business community we work with,

The last 2 weeks have presented a continuous overload of new information, very dynamic changes, and an incredibly challenging environment for everyone on both a personal and business level. I have been closely working with our team and available resources to ensure we make decisions that are timely, informed, and well-advised in the best interest of you and ourselves.

Given the developments we are all so well aware of, we wanted to share that we have implemented the following policies to reflect recent government public communications:

  1. All of our staff are now mandatory to work from home.  Our office is closed to any public access.
  2. No non-essential IT changes are going to be made for a client that would potentially trigger an on-site visit requirement or service disruption.  Locating parts may also be an issue due to store closures and logistics, therefore it is imperative to simply keep your business stable and running – not introduce new changes that risk disrupting your business any further than it already is.
  3. Client meetings, if required, will be facilitated through video or conference calls (we can initiate these sessions).  We use for this and have had excellent results with it.  If you want to get help installing this, just ask.  Fees related to this will be waived as we would like to help you work remotely too.
  4. No on-site work will be done for anyone who is currently quarantined due to travel or illness.   Remote support work is available.
  5. Only essential services businesses can receive regular on-site work for any reason outside of business continuity.  Our team will work with you to minimize the risk of virus transmission and may request after-hours access when fewer staff are at your business.

Your employee safety and that of ours is of utmost importance.  Keeping your business running is also very important.  Business continuity risks can be minimized by simply maintaining your IT infrastructure, not introducing new changes.  If you see problems, report them to us using our normal processes for future reference (email, or phone 306-986-8888).  Keep a list of issues as well, for future cross-reference.  If it is a simple remote fix, we can accommodate that.  Development, website work, or other similar tasks are continuing where we are capable and authorized.  When the government announces a revocation of the current isolation rules, we will immediately reach out to look at the backlog and fix any outstanding issues.

Finally…a reminder to be extremely wary of fraud and hackers – even more so if you are working  from your home residential equipment without all  your normal security measures in place.  There are already payment and news scams circulating targeting your mobile devices and email.  The Government of Canada website is the source for real information.  Do not click links sent to you unless you verify their authenticity from official government sites.  Call us if you are unsure. 

Directly related to this, we are please to announce our “Managed IT – Remote Worker” package.  This offer includes professional antivirus and remote management or support capability for only $9.99 per month per device, no contract required.  If there is a support requirement, we can then remote in with you and assist at our regular hourly rate.  Call or email us to subscribe and better protect your home systems for your remote workers.

Take care, all my best to you and your employees.  Please share this with your staff where applicable.   As always, please call me direct anytime with questions at 306-380-6330.

Jeff Shirley
Founder & CEO

Mitch Redekopp

Jeff Shirley

Founder & CEO
Jeff brings over 27 years of experience to the table, along with numerous awards, certifications, and real-world implementations.  His database solutions are currently running in industries including government, mining, agriculture, finance, education, science, research, non-profits, and healthcare businesses around North America and serve thousands of users day to day.  Jeff is a five-time MVP Award recipient for Microsoft Access, acknowledging contributions to community projects, evangelism, and educational outreach on Microsoft technologies.  Today there are less than 50 Access MVP’s worldwide. While Jeff focuses day to day on business management, IoT development, IT integrations and design, database architecture or other typical complex tasks, he also is a co-owner of Blue Heron Gardens, a commercial apiary running over 200 beehives.  Fresh honey is a small perk for many of our clients!

Mitch Redekopp

Mitch works with our clients day to day ensuring web development and IT projects are done to exceed customer expectations.  His background includes formal training in IT, Microsoft and CompTIA certifications, real-world business experience, and a true dedication to ensuring clients receive timely and professional support on their projects with Rivercity Technology Services.  Given the most difficult requests for IT solutions, Mitchell can assist our clients in finding a path to the best options which deliver results for our clients.  Mitchell is an avid soccer player and Manchester City fan, be sure to talk soccer with him when you can.