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IT Support Services
Cybersecurity Risk Management at one predictable flat rate.
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IT Consulting
Business optimization through the smart use of technology.
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Business Phone Services
VoIP Telephone solutions from RCT. 
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Backups & Recovery
Cloud & On Premise - ready to recover!
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Software Development
Web & Mobile App development
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Website Development & Hosting
Web design and full hosting & maintenance packages!
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Modern Email Management
Microsoft 365 email provisioning, security & management.
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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Internal auditing to help identify potential cyber threats.
“You’re giving me the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ routine? I invented ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’ Nobody tells me it’s them not me; if it’s anybody, it’s me.”
- George Costanza
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Who Is Rivercity Tech?

You are probably wondering who we are and why you would want to work with us.

Well, let's find out!
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You Should Partner With Us If....

Our relationship driven approach to Managed IT Services allows us to become an extension of your team. We deep dive into understanding your business with client's seeing a 30% increase in productivity in the first year working with us due to business process optimization with the smart use of technology.

Could your business use a 30% increase in productivity?

Here are just a few other reasons you should partner with us...
You like Technology to be described in human terms
We leave all the technobabble and watchya-ma-callits to the computers. You want to understand what is happening, and we will tell you that in a language Mitch’s 9 year old understands
You like to get to know your IT person
The last thing you want is technician #86 from the Level 1 Helpdesk calling you one day and then #22 from the Level 2 Helpdesk calls you back the next day and has to re-familiarize with the issue.

You are not just a number to us, and we treat our staff like our own family which means extremely low turnover, meaning you will be getting to know us (by name!) while we become an extension of your team.
You like a company who can work with your unique line of business applications
Having a recommended technology stack is extremely important in the IT industry. It allows us to become experts at the systems we use and know exactly how they will implement and work for you and your business. By not wasting time looking at shiny new things (”my precioussssss”) we have two eyes on you and the rest of our clients, all. the. time.

But listen, we aren’t sticks in the mud over here, if there is something unique to your businesses, we are always open to making new friends!
You don't like being nickel and dimed
Have you ever had an IT company who charges you for listening to a voicemail, or even just trying to contact you with no success? We have heard of these so called companies and we can't wrap our heads around it.

You wan't honest, transparent IT and we can deliver. No random charges, just good honest work.

Meet Your IT Department

These are some of the names and faces you will be welcoming to your organization! We can't wait to get started.
Headshot of Erik Hjelte
Erik Hjelte
Learn more about Erik!

Top of bucket list: Surfing
Hates: Tomatoes
Loves: Psychology and Writing
Obsessed by: Music
Favourite animal: Raven
Favourite Food: Lasagna
Favourite drink: Gin
Favourite app: Mirakee
Favourite colour: Black
Favourite physical thing: Guitars
Favourite film: The Prestige
Random fact: I flew a small plane before I learned to drive.
Drawing of a person
Nichole Benneyworth
Learn more about Nichole!

Top of bucket list: African Safari
Hates: Peanut Butter
Loves: Crafting and Watercolour painting
Obsessed by: Food
Favourite animal: Giraffes and Elephants
Favourite food: Tacos Tacos Tacos!
Favourite drink: Gin or Wine
Favourite colour: Depends on the day but today it’s green
Favourite app: Pinterest
Favourite physical thing: My bike (other than my children)
Favourite film: Harry Potter (all of them)
Random Fact: I love to travel and have been to 24 different cities in 12 countries
headshot of Kevin Koelher
Kevin Koehler
Learn more about Kevin!

Top of bucket list: Explore outer-space
Hates: People talking over loud music in the car
Loves: Science
Obsessed by: Philosophy of mind
Favourite animal: Humans
Favourite Food: Noodles
Favourite drink: Belgian Moon
Favourite app: Reddit
Favourite colour: Orange
Favourite physical thing: My car
Favourite film: Interstellar
Random fact: Max level on RuneScape
headshot of Mitch Redekopp
Mitch Redekopp
Learn more about Mitch!

Top of bucket list: Hallstatt, Austria
Hates: Liverpool Football Club
Loves: Manchester City Football Club
Obsessed by: Manchester City
Favourite animal: St. Bernard
Favourite Food: Pad Thai
Favourite drink: Jack & Coke, no ice, no straw.
Favourite colour: Sky Blue
Favourite physical thing: The mug that holds my coffee.
Favourite film: Casablanca – for TV shows I would like to mention Ted Lasso – go watch it. Now.
Random fact: I know 1 language and can get a severe sun burn in about 30 minutes of direct sunlight.
Headshot of IT team member Paul Friesen.
Paul Friesen
Learn more about Paul!

Top of bucket list: Visit Canada's East Coast
Hates: Pineapple
Loves: Board Games
Obsessed by: My Wife
Favourite animal: Golden Doodle Puppies
Favourite Food: Ginger Beef
Favourite drink: Green Tea
Favourite colour: Sea Blue
Favourite physical thing: Wedding ring
Favourite film: The Upside
Random fact: Climbed an active volcano in Guatemala.
headshot of Rdwan Raji
Ridwan Raji
Learn more about Ridwan!

Top of bucket list: Do the Ring-Road road trip in Iceland
Hates: Snake (animal), Broccoli
Loves: Driving, Any kind of Technology, NBA, Football(Soccer)
Obsessed by: Formula 1
Favourite animal: If Pet then Dog, else Lion
Favourite Food: Anything with Chicken
Favourite drink: Can't beat an Ice-Cold Apple Juice or Apple Cider
Favourite app: Instagram
Favourite colour: Grey
Favourite physical thing: Fast Cars lol
Favourite film: Game Of Thrones.
Random fact: I learned how to drive from playing Need For Speed at age 12 and didn't lose a single point in my road test.

Saskatoon IT Services: FAQ

Got questions? We got answers! Here are some common questions about why you should choose Rivercity Tech for all your Saskatoon IT needs. If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us—we'd love to hear from you!
Why choose Rivercity Tech for my IT service & support needs?
At Rivercity Tech, we don't just offer support services for business owners and companies of all sizes--we form a partnership with each. When you choose to work with us, we work hard to ensure your business is protected and running smoothly around the clock. From maintenance to security, ongoing support and troubleshooting, and unbeatable customer service, you're in good hands when you choose us as your managed service provider.
What is a Relationship-Driven Approach to Managed IT Services?
We know every business has unique needs and challenges that need to be addressed, so we utilize our expertise to create a custom plan specifically for you based on your needs, goals, and budget. We like to have fun and we can help take the stress out of your technology, but our professionals are committed to providing high quality service--and we take that seriously. Our commitment to you is to be the community industry expert you can count on for all your IT business solutions.
How do your services benefit my business?
Good question! With cyberattacks on the rise, it's more important than ever to ensure your business is powered by a secure infrastructure. You need a system in place to protect your valuable data at all times, and security should be a top priority for every Saskatoon business. Unfortunately, configuring all the right hardware, software, and settings can be a nightmare--and hiring full time IT staff may be out of your budget... and that's where we step in! We handle all the tech headaches, which leaves you more time to focus on growing your core business.
How will working with you improve my business productivity?
We're here to provide quick assistance whenever tech problems arise. Gone are the days of losing access to important documents thanks to pesky internet connectivity problems or laggy devices. As a partner, we care about your company's growth and wellbeing, and we strive to deliver high quality solutions that ensure your business tech works smoothly. Smooth tech = happy employees. Happy employees = better productivity. We can even provide training for your team to ensure that they know how to properly keep your company network and data safe, which can greatly reduce the risks of downtime or incidents.
What sets Rivercity Tech apart from other IT solutions & support providers?
At Rivercity Tech, we take pride in delivering expertise and support services you can count on thanks to our team's combined experience, reliability, and unbeatable customer service. We don't treat you as just another client, but instead we value you, and each member of your team, as individuals who need custom-tailored assistance and support. If you're looking for business solutions, security, and ongoing support in Saskatoon, SK, contact us today to discuss your needs!

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