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"Wouldn't It Be Great If..." How to start planning a BIG IT project

All good things must come to an end. Desktop machines that were once shiny and new are now bulky, outdated and slow.

That system that revolutionized your office when it was first installed, now feels like it’s fighting you at every turn. It’s been tinkered with, had extra bits stuck onto it and it’s been modified to do things it was never designed to do. And in this interconnected world, where all your systems should be talking to each other? It just won’t play nicely with others.

It's time.

But a major change to your IT infrastructure isn’t something to be planned in a hurry. So if you’re starting to think about ending it with your current systems and bringing your business into the 2020s, there’s plenty to think about before you commit to another long-term relationship.

We’ve written this guide to be your friend as you start the process of planning for a change.

  • How do you determine your needs?
  • Who should you involve?
  • What haven’t you thought of?
  • Where do you even start?

Understand. Define. Think ahead

You’re thinking about making a major investment – of time, money, effort and headspace. So take proper time now to understand how you got to this point. Is it solely about IT, or are there issues around process or workflow? Are there even steps in your workflow that only exist as a workaround for something your current system can’t do?

This may not be a today thing but...

  • But what happens as you grow?
  • If departments merge, offices close?
  • Will more people be working from home?
  • Will they need access from different places? What devices will they be using?
  • How much more data will you be processing? And where will it be stored?
  • Can your systems cope then?

Should you move to the cloud?

Modern cloud-based solutions mean you won’t be paying for a bunch of unused capacity straight away – you pay for what you need and then step up as you grow.

What if you go under a bus?

It might be your end goal to exit the business, or to be less involved in day-to-day operations. So what would happen if you weren’t here? If everything currently falls apart when you’re not around, look at systems and workflows that keep running when you’re not there to sort things out – for any reason.

Keep it simple, document everything.

It’s quite common for businesses to want to over-customize their infrastructure. Many businesses really do need something fully bespoke. Others end up with a setup that’s far too complex because they want to shoe-horn a new system into a familiar way of doing things. Often, the latest solutions offer surprising productivity benefits – but you may need to be prepared to flex the way you work to get the best out of them.

Research, research, research

There’s a vast range of possibilities on the market. The rise of SaaS (Software as a Service) is adding even more choice, and finding the right solution can be overwhelming.

Plan your data migration

If you’re switching from an old system to a new one, plan for how you will transfer your existing data – it’s usually not a simple export/import. Make sure your backups are intact, and have an emergency roll-back plan so that you can quickly get back to where you were and keep working if an implementation doesn’t go smoothly.

Have an implementation and training plan

Have training sessions with your new applications, and make sure everyone understands why the change is happening. It’s common for people to be resistant to new ways of working.

Choose the right experts from the get-go

Whether you know exactly what you need, or you don’t know where to start, the right experts will support you all the way.

Talk to us If you’re considering any IT project and want to speak to a professional, talk to us first.

We specialize in lots of areas and work across a whole range of different solutions. And if we think you need a specialist who’s not on our team? We have access to a whole network of experts, so we can introduce people who’ll deliver the best outcome for you.

Get in touch today.

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