Top Four Tech Tips for 2021

As we begin 2021, we are optimistic about the year ahead and beyond!

We are excited to provide our clients with new products and services throughout the year (stay tuned!) as well as some time-tested solutions that optimize their business and keep their data & files secure and backed up.

To keep you at the top of your IT game, we’ve compiled our

Top Four Tech Tips for 2021. 

ONE: MFA – What is it and Why is it important? 

Most applications that hold sensitive organizational data will have the option to enable MFA (Multi Factor Authentication). Enabling this will prompt the input of a 6 digit number (or a similar action) in addition to your login credentials.

We highly recommend using MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) software for additional protection. Weak or stolen user credentials is a hacker’s weapon of choice and is a necessity for sensitive data protection. At RCT, we use Authy. It can be downloaded with a few clicks and easily set up. It provides you with that second layer of protection for $0. It’s a great idea to set this up as an SOP for your employees so you can be sure your organization is protected from all angles.

TWO: Did you know Microsoft is not automatically backed up?

That’s a common misperception and often isn’t realized until it’s too late. That file, that important contact, that email with a signed contract… gone.

To protect you from this issue, we’ve created an affordable, proactive solution – RCT’s O365 Backup Solution. We’ve already used this solution multiple times this month with both our clients and our own staff. Within minutes everything was restored, minimizing frustration and downtime.

THREE: Remote Working. Is it here to stay?

In case you missed the latest release from SREDA – The ability to work from home is now the rule, not the exception. As a result, businesses engaging with the rise of remote working will continue to spring up and grow this year”.

RCT’s Remote Worker Program provides your at-home employees that needed protection to keep your business secure. We have two options available – one for cloud-based businesses and the other for more traditional file storage systems. You can read more about this solution here.

FOUR: Business Grade Computers vs Home PCs.

Purchasing a new computer this year? What you should know about Business Grade Hardware (what we provide) vs Retail Standard Hardware or Home PC’s (from your local big box store).

RCT’s computers, laptops and monitors come with business grade components meant for frequent, daily use that will need replacing less frequently than products purchased from a big box store. These products will have lower grade components built in which are meant for more infrequent use (home use). The  cost savings of a home computer could end up costing more in the long run if you use your computer for multiple hours daily.

RCT provides Windows Pro 10 as a standard with all computer purchases. Windows Home is normally installed on any big box purchase. Built-in security, productivity, and management features in the Pro version may save you time, money, and hassle – especially if you need our support team to fix any issues remotely.

The setup of a computer or laptop purchased through RCT is included in the purchase price and a business grade warranty is also provided. Both of these features could certainly provide savings for you. The setup can take up to 2 hours to complete and a warranty is not an included feature with most retail purchases.

Have our experts provide your business with the options you need, specific to the work tasks you or your employees will be completing – day to day. When you shop with RCT, you shop with confidence knowing your purchase is protected and there are no hidden costs associated.


With RCT as your IT and hardware partner, you’ll be walking into this new year with the technology to support your personal and business goals for 2021. Reach out anytime!

Rivercity Tech

Jeff Shirley

Founder & CEO
Jeff brings over 27 years of experience to the table, along with numerous awards, certifications, and real-world implementations.  His database solutions are currently running in industries including government, mining, agriculture, finance, education, science, research, non-profits, and healthcare businesses around North America and serve thousands of users day to day.  Jeff is a five-time MVP Award recipient for Microsoft Access, acknowledging contributions to community projects, evangelism, and educational outreach on Microsoft technologies.  Today there are less than 50 Access MVP’s worldwide. While Jeff focuses day to day on business management, IoT development, IT integrations and design, database architecture or other typical complex tasks, he also is a co-owner of Blue Heron Gardens, a commercial apiary running over 200 beehives.  Fresh honey is a small perk for many of our clients!

Mitch Redekopp

Mitch works with our clients day to day ensuring web development and IT projects are done to exceed customer expectations.  His background includes formal training in IT, Microsoft and CompTIA certifications, real-world business experience, and a true dedication to ensuring clients receive timely and professional support on their projects with Rivercity Technology Services.  Given the most difficult requests for IT solutions, Mitchell can assist our clients in finding a path to the best options which deliver results for our clients.  Mitchell is an avid soccer player and Manchester City fan, be sure to talk soccer with him when you can.