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“You’re giving me the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ routine? I invented ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’ Nobody tells me it’s them not me; if it’s anybody, it’s me.”
- George Costanza
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The Monthly Download—May 2023

Remember a four-day work week doesn't mean four-day security.

Are you one of the many companies around the world that’s looking at a four-day working week? Perhaps you’ve already made the leap.

For lots of businesses, it’s never going to work. But those that have tried it have generally found it to be hugely positive. It improves your employees’ experience, making them more loyal, engaged, and productive. It can help to attract and retain better talent, while improving your brand reputation. And let’s not ignore the cost savings of shutting down the office for an extra day.

What's happening at RCT this month?

Exciting things are happening this month!

Our CEO, Mitch, is off to Nashville, Tennessee to brush up on his Cyber Security skills. In this ever-evolving field, staying up to date is key, and we're thrilled he's taking the time to do so.

Welcome Adam! Adam will be joining RCT as a member of the Software Development team. We can't wait to see the amazing contributions he'll make in this role.

Business gadget of the month

Smeg DCF02BLUS Drip Coffee Machine: This Smeg filter coffee machine has a great retro look, and keeps the coffee hot for up to 40 minutes, making it a quick job to grab a fresh cup (if the last person to use it remembers to refill it!) Time saving, productivity boosting coffee? Yes please! Widely available, around $230

Technology Update

Are you wasting money every month on unused software licenses?

A recent study looked at more than 30 popular software tools and discovered that a huge 50% of all licenses were not being used. Some of the most commonly lapsed licenses are for Tableau, Trello, and Spotfire.

Tech facts

  • Nokia is famous for its phones, but it started out as a paper manufacturer in 1865
  • Think robots are androgynous? Think again. ‘Android’ comes from the Greek for male-like. The female equivalent is ‘Gynoid’
  • NASA’s internet speed is 91GB per second. That’s about 13,000 times faster than most business’s speed

Inspirational quote of the month

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple

A New Month, A New Tech Quiz

1) What’s the most widely used coding language for web development?

2) What do lots of people wrongly think Wi-Fi is short for?

3) What’s the main function of a router?

4) What’s the most widely used operating system in the world?

5) What do we use an IP address for?

The answers are below.

  1. Javascript
  2. Wireless Fidelity. (Apparently, it doesn't actually mean anything!)
  3. To direct traffic between networks
  4. Windows
  5. To identify a device on a network

New to Microsoft 365

New options are coming to Outlook that allow you to set more flexible working hours each day and specify where you’re working from. Everyone can see this so there’s no confusion over when you’re working (and when you’re not.)

Don’t forget your phone security

It’s common for people to rely on their personal phones to keep in touch at work. That’s not always the best idea, and there are lots of good reasons to provide company phones to your team (would you want to own the number and block access to sensitive data if somebody left?)

But whoever owns the device, you need to make security your top priority. Cyber criminals know how much valuable information lives on our mobiles, and they’re making phones a target. If you don’t already have a mobile security and management strategy in place, it’s time you did.

Here are our top 5 ways to keep phones secure:

  • Set minimum upgrade requirements
  • Implement Mobile Device Management
  • Set up MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • Always update everything
  • Regular awareness training

It’s easy to overlook mobile devices when it comes to keeping your data secure, but it’s a vital step in protecting yourself against cyber attacks. For any help or advice, get in touch. It’s what we do.

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