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“You’re giving me the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ routine? I invented ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’ Nobody tells me it’s them not me; if it’s anybody, it’s me.”
- George Costanza
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The Monthly Download—July 2023

Boost your team’s engagement with better tech?

The stresses and pressures of the cost of living crisis are hitting many people hard. That makes employee engagement more of a challenge than ever!

As a business, you might be finding it hard yourself. It may not be possible to offer salary rises that keep pace with inflation.

And at the same time you might be asking more of your people, or making changes to the workplace that are hard for some to adjust to.

The last thing you want is to lose good people just when you need everyone firing on all cylinders. That’s why some of the most effective engagement strategies right now involve relieving the stress and tedium of repetitive tasks, and removing workplace frustration – with the added benefit that you become more efficient in the process.

Most businesses now offer some form of remote working. But it’s common for people to feel ‘left out in the cold’ if it’s not easy for them to keep communication channels open. Making team interactions seamless can make a big difference to the happiness of your people – and even to your customers.

How do you do this? Start with better collaboration tools. They can improve project management, strengthen relationships, reduce wasted time, and even encourage better feedback. Technology can also automate dull and repetitive tasks. No-one’s going to complain about that, and faster working will provide a productivity boost.

When you respond to your people’s frustrations by providing the right tools, they’ll feel listened to and valued. And if they feel that they’re getting things done, they’ll become more engaged and more motivated.

There’s an overwhelming range of tools available that often make bold claims about their ability to transform your business.

We can help to cut through the sales patter and get to the heart of what’s right for you. So if you’re looking at a tech solution to improve employee engagement, let’s talk!

What's happening at RCT this month?

Our tech team has been embracing the beautiful weather while focusing on our clients, as we gear up for upcoming tech events that will be happening towards the end of summer!

Business gadget of the month

Timekettle WT2 Plus translator: Real-time, simultaneous AI translation with support for 40 languages. Stick one of these in your ear, give one to the other person and talk normally to each other in your respective languages, while the Timekettle translates like a real life Babelfish. I mean… wow, how cool is that?!?!

Technology Update

If your business suffered a data breach, your first priorities would be to stop it and minimize the damage caused by the attack.

But would you report it to the authorities?

Reporting security incidents could be key to removing some of the threat to businesses of all sizes. But small and medium sized businesses can be reluctant to reveal what’s happened for fear of bad press or potential repercussions from attackers. What do you think about this kind of transparency?

Tech facts

  • In the original Pac-Man, the ghosts had unique traits. The red one was programmed to follow behind Pac-Man, the pink one in front, but the cyan ghost was designed to be unpredictable.
  • The most efficient keyboard layout is called Colemak, which is designed to reduce finger movements by half. It uses the home row 74% of the time, compared to Qwerty’s 34%.
  • QR codes were invented in 1994. They were first used to track vehicles on the assembly line.

Inspirational quote of the month

"Your income is directly related to your
philosophy, not the economy."

—Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur and Author

A New Month, A New Tech Quiz

1) Which search engine almost bought Google in the 90s?

2) What was the world’s first widely-used web browser?

3) In computing history, who were the dirty dozen?

4) What are Android releases named after?

5) In old PCs what was the function of the Turbo button?

The answers are below.

  1. Excite
  2. Mosaic
  3. Engineers who created the first IBM PC
  4. Sweets and desserts
  5. Strangely, it made the computer run slower, so it could run software designed for slower machines

New to Microsoft 365

Bye bye Teams backgrounds (sort of)

Microsoft’s improving the experience on Windows to make it look like everyone on the call is in the same room. It’ll use AI to remove everyone’s individual backgrounds, and add the same background for every person. Clever.

For any help or advice, get in touch. It’s what we do.

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Article Written by Rivercity Tech

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