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“You’re giving me the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ routine? I invented ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’ Nobody tells me it’s them not me; if it’s anybody, it’s me.”
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The Monthly Download for April 2023

The Monthly Download—April 2023

Smartphones are now the preferred device for mobile work.

Smartphones have taken over from laptops as most people's preferred portable work tool.

They enjoy the flexibility and, perhaps obviously, they’re easier to carry around than a laptop or a tablet. It means that mobile connectivity and reliable broadband have become two of the largest IT considerations.

In turn, that creates a different set of security risks. If a number of your people need a phone to do their job, here’s a big thought: Would they be better off using a work-issued phone instead?

Is this something we can help with? Your technology headaches are exciting for us! Get in touch.

What's happening at RCT this month?

We've got lots of exciting things coming up!

We are going to be at the upcoming SUMA Convention April 16-18 in Saskatoon!

We are planning a Webinar "Lawyers Getting Hacked" The Webinar is approved for 1 CPD credit by the Law Society of Saskatchewan. Stay tuned for a date!

Business gadget of the month

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard: Wrist strain is a common problem for regular keyboard users. Ergonomic keyboards are nothing very new, but this latest offer from Microsoft moves things forward with the addition of more programmable ‘favorites’, a dedicated emoji button and lots of customization options to boost your productivity. And it doesn’t break the bank at around $50.

Technology Update

Have you done some software research and now you’re seeing lots of ads?

Criminals have started to distribute fake adverts for popular apps in order to spread malware – and it’s fooling a lot of people. The ads look like a link to a legitimate download for common messaging
applications, desktop tools and more. But once you click ‘download’, a malware file with the .exe extension is installed. STOP and think twice before you click!

Tech facts

  • 48% of malicious email attachments use Microsoft Office file extensions, disguised as an invoice or receipt.
  • 43% of employees don’t know that clicking a suspicious link or opening an unknown attachment could lead to a malware infection.
  • 1 in 3 employees don’t believe there is a security risk in failing to password-protect their devices.

Inspirational quote of the month

“It’s easy to come up with new ideas; the hard part is letting go of what
worked for you two years ago but will soon be out of date.”

—Roger Von Oech, Author

A New Month, A New Tech Quiz

1) Where was the World Wide Web invented?
2) In what year did the first virtual event take place?
3) In 2004, which search engine did Google overtake in popularity?
4) What was the first item sold on eBay in 1995?
5) What’s the name of the oldest programming language still in use?

The answers are below.

  1. Switzerland
  2. 1993
  3. Yahoo!
  4. A broken laser pointer
  5. Fortran

New to Microsoft 365

Targeted in-meeting notifications… and a major rebuild

Teams keeps the new features coming. Next up, it’s the ability to send messages to specific people while on a call. They can respond and react privately, too.

You can also expect a bunch of new features as they’re rebuilding the app from the ground up for
extra speed and reduced battery drain.

What's all the fuss about ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence, allowing you to talk to it in a very human way. It’s been making the news around the world for some of the remarkable possibilities it seems to be creating. But what exactly is it, and why is it making such waves?

ChatGPT is trained on real human language. It can answer questions and even compose documents, like emails, essays and computer code. The exciting thing is the way it allows you to have a naturalfeeling conversation with it to generate different responses – perhaps adding more detail, or asking it to use less technical language.

It was created by research company OpenAI, which is funded and managed by some of the most influential names in tech. And while it’s still in its research and feedback-collection phase,
it’s currently free to use (with limitations).

It’s different to a search engine because it’s designed with conversation in mind. While it can answer questions, it doesn’t search the internet for information. Everything is learned from training data (it has no knowledge past 2021). So, while many people have started using ChatGPT to write essays and articles, the facts may not be accurate. In fact, tech media website CNET recently had to issue multiple major corrections after it created 78 articles using the chatbot.

Because it’s trained on huge amounts of text published online by humans, it’s had trouble telling fact from fiction, and has also been found to reproduce some unwanted biases – for instance against women and people of color.

It’s not changing the world just yet. But it’s already clear that there is huge potential for both individuals and businesses alike.

Have you tried ChatGPT yet? What are your feelings about using AI in your business? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

P.s a human wrote this article 🙂

Need help choosing the right tools and systems? It’s what we do.

Get in touch.

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