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Stay Vigilant: Unveiling the SubdoMailing Scam

Are you ready for the latest twist in online scams? Imagine this: You're going through your emails as usual, and you spot a message from a company you trust. Your first thought might be, "Okay, this is safe to open." But wait! Before you click, take a closer look. There's a new phishing scam making the rounds, and it's called "SubdoMailing."

So, what's the deal with SubdoMailing? It's a sneaky tactic where cybercriminals pose as trusted brands to trick you into revealing sensitive information or clicking on harmful links. Here's how it works:

Just like traditional phishing, these scammers impersonate well-known companies. But with SubdoMailing, they take it a step further. Instead of using the main company domain, they target subdomains – those extra bits in a web address that come before the main domain, like "experience.trustedbrand.com."

Here's the twist: They hunt down subdomains that the company isn't using anymore, but still points to an external domain that's not registered. Then, they swoop in, buy that domain, and set up a fake website. So, when you click on what looks like a legitimate link, you're actually being redirected to a scam site without even realizing it.

These cybercriminals are casting a wide net, sending out millions of emails every day, targeting businesses just like yours. And because these emails appear to come from trusted sources, they often slip past standard security filters and land right in your inbox.

So, how can you protect yourself and your data from falling victim to this elaborate scam?

  1. Stay alert for any emails that seem even remotely suspicious. If something seems off, trust your instincts and proceed with caution.
  2. Before clicking on any links or downloading attachments, double-check the sender's details. Watch out for red flags like typos or unfamiliar email addresses.
  3. Educate your employees about the latest phishing tactics and train them to recognize potential scams. Knowledge is your best defence against cyber threats.
  4. Consider investing in robust security software to bolster your defences against cybercriminals. While it may require some upfront investment, the peace of mind it provides is invaluable.

Remember, if you ever need assistance with email security or any other aspect of cybersecurity, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help keep you safe in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

(TYYV) The Yada Yada Version:

Beware of the SubdoMailing scam, where cybercriminals exploit unused subdomains of trusted brands to launch deceptive phishing attacks and yada yada yada; it's more important than ever to stay vigilant with your cybersecurity.

Mitch Redekopp
Article Written by Mitch Redekopp

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