Moving between SQL and Access there are a few tricks you need to know.   I thought it would be good to show some common areas which are stumbling blocks:


Access vs SQL

CInt and CString    use       Cast or Convert (depending on scenario)

Nz([Field1,null)      use       Coalesce([field1],[field2],null, ….)

“string”                     use       ‘string’

#date#                      use       ‘date’

append query          use       insert

Like “*string”            use       like ‘%string’   (the % is the wildcard)

dbo_tblname           use       dbo.tblname     (the linked table can’t hold a “.” in it, and replaces it with an “_”.

Query                         create          View

 Creating a VIEW to use in Access:

For moves to SQL, think about switching to Views for your larger power queries.  This will radically improve your database and the results of your queries.

  1. Build queries in Access.
  2. Change view to SQL View.
  3. Copy the code.
  4. Go to SSMS.
  5. Create a new View.
  6. Paste the code.
  7. Clean up the syntax (see above).
  8. Execute, test and debug.
  9. Save as a new View.
  10. In access link to the view and don’t use your query.

Result = WAY FASTER QUERIES!  Views run server side on SQL Server, Queries are hit and miss and tend to pull data locally and run client side.  If you like this, say “thanks Jeff!”.  You’re welcome!

Jeff Shirley