If you are looking to refine your search experience in Access, we have developed a rather unique way to search multiselect fields from an unbound dropdown on the search form.  It involves creating a large form with fields you call by name, then run their contents into a SQL string which you pass into the form as a filter.  Note that in this example code, I change the Status text field to a Multi Select Simple box.  Then we use the search button to get the contents and turn the values selected into a string which works in the filter:


search in Access Database

This is the relevant code from the Search button, pulling the multi-select values in for my sql string.

Ultimately, I have to still build the string and get the filter applied but this is quite effective in producing a filtered list with more than one option in a single field selected during the search.   You can see my old code above where only one value would have been picked – as a reference point.

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Jeff Shirley