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Password Security: Is Length Alone Enough to Protect You?

Are your passwords as secure as you think? Do you believe that longer passwords are always better? It's time to talk seriously about password security.

New research has uncovered a concerning truth – even passwords with 15 characters can be compromised. Yes, you read that correctly. Let's face it, length doesn't always equal strength.

The most compromised password length is surprisingly eight characters. But don't relax if your password is longer, as 15-character passwords also appear in the top ten most compromised list.

You might be wondering, "How is this possible?" The answer isn't just about password length; it's also about the content of the password and whether you use the same password across multiple sites.

Believe it or not, the most compromised eight-character password is "password" itself, and the most compromised 15-character password is "Sym_newhireOEIE." Not exactly reassuring, is it?

It's not just individuals who should be concerned. Businesses like yours are at high risk too. Shockingly, a staggering 86% of all cyber attacks start with stolen credentials. That's almost nine out of ten attacks. Can you afford to be complacent?

While longer passwords provide more resistance to brute force cracking – an eight-character password can be cracked in just five minutes, while a good 15-character one could take up to 37 million years if it's random and lacks an obvious pattern – this is only one piece of the puzzle. Length alone won't protect you from stolen credentials through phishing attacks.

The solution? Use a robust business password manager. It not only generates long, random passwords for you but also remembers them and fills in the login box automatically.

Additionally, enable two-factor authentication, where you generate a code on a separate device to prove your identity. Even if cybercriminals crack your password, they won't gain access to your data.

If you need assistance in enhancing your business's security, don't hesitate to reach out. Your security matters and it's crucial to stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

(TYYV) The Yada Yada Version:

While longer passwords offer more resistance to brute force attacks, they alone cannot guarantee security and yada yada yada, the use of password managers and two-factor authentication will better protect you against credential theft and cyberattacks.

Mitch Redekopp
Article Written by Mitch Redekopp

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