So what do you do when you work 25 years in IT and watch technology change around you?  Use it to empower your life!  We got a little crazy with Kijiji after it came out and spent a few years gathering parts and eventually moving to our Kijiji cabin.  It’s rustic, charming, offgrid, somewhat drafty, and remote.  But it’s a break from tech after a long day of draining work, it’s relaxing, and it’s allowing us to enjoy life, not run on the treadmill.  Here is the full video: 

I will admit, this year living in it has been challenging.  We spent a LOT of funds winterizing and expanding so that it is still off-grid, has a shop for our other company business (commercial bee keepers), and so we can maintain the property.  A lot of NEW parts went into the building this year, because in Canada you need heat and water and quality of life to get through the winter.  BUT Kijiji got us here, and we move forward!

Yes, Daisy our dog and everything you see in the video came from Kijiji.  NO it was not easy.  And family helped us build and maintain and fix all the way through the project and still do today.

Jeff Shirley