Another simple but powerful piece of code I get asked for a lot:  Age calculations.  it sounds so simple…but it isn’t!  You can use variations of this for other purposes like aging receivables, calculating time lapse, etc.

Requirement:  a date field (in this case I have their birthday in [DOB] which is a date field storing mm/dd/yyyy).

Add an unbound field on the form or report, set it’s value to this:

No more work figuring out age!

The why not go the extra mile, and add code to alert the user a birthday is coming up.  You need to grab ONLY the Month and Day, NOT the year.  Then test to see if that is within a week either way of today’s date.  if it is, use conditional formatting, or pop up a message, or alert the user…never miss a client birthday wish if they are at your office when you pull them up in the system!


Jeff Shirley