How about something not so business related today, being it’s a Friday?

This brings back good memories of days well spent playing on my Apple IIe, and my first PC with a 5 MB Hard drive the size of a telephone book, and a new 8088 processor.  We eventually upgraded to an 80286SX, the kind that had the “Turbo” button which would increase the clock speed from 16mhz to 25mhz.  Wowsers, hold on to your pants!

I still have the old PC’s, and had it up and running during Christmas last year with Ultima…in fact today I would rather play the old Ultima or Castle Wolfenstein, or even Zork then the newer FPS games.  Not that I have time to play games.

So Take a stroll down memory lane, and go check out the old games of your day, see how many you recall.  Choplifter, anyone?

Jeff Shirley