A common problem in Access is the lack of drilldown reports.  Our approach to this is to build something where you get a similar drilldown result but using clickable links to more detailed reports relative to a record being selected.  YES, you can build drilldown reports that act and feel more like a drilldown report (we do this using forms actually, which respond based on clicks).  But for a quick drilldown experience, try this:

Create a master report, include the generalized data you want, and be sure to include the primary key on the record as a hidden field (usually your auto number).


Then take the field you want to act as a drill down, change it’s format to “Hyperlink”, and create an event on click for it like this:

This will result in you opening up a different detailed report which is filtered to ONLY this record from your main report.  SIMPLE!  But effective!

Note, I like to open these forms or reports in acFormReadOnly to prevent users from accidentally editing their data.

Jeff Shirley