Cyber Security | Protect your Business from the Inside Out

The Covid-19 global pandemic has created an environment for cyber-criminals to thrive and take advantage of hard-to-secure opportunities. 

Over the past several months, RCT clients are on the search for multilayered protection solutions for their data, client information and networks.

It’s no longer an optional provision, it’s a necessary precaution

Why the Rise in Cyber Attacks? 

Remote Working

Remote working is a reality for many organizations in Saskatchewan. It’s more frequently becoming a preferred choice as well as an operational solution to physical distancing protocols.

However, working from home can leave workers more vulnerable to attack, as home Wi-Fi networks are generally less secure than corporate networks. 

Plus remote workers are commonly removed from the security of the company firewall and nearby technical support and they’re also more anxious and willing to believe in fraudulent claims that come in the form of an email or social media message. 

Covid-19 Related Malware & Ransomware

Not only do businesses face increased risk posed by the pandemic, they are simultaneously facing the increased risk of more cyber attacks that also take advantage of that pandemic. 

Hackers are taking advantage of Covid-19 with pandemic themed malicious emails, attachments and website links. Examples of these attacks include:

  • Info on vaccines or offers on PPE and hand sanitizer
  • Free downloads on tech solutions like video conferencing apps
  • Funding scams providing relief to those affected financially
  • Some phishing attempts go as far as launching fake Covid-19 contact tracing apps and alerts. 

What you need to know as an organization:

  1. Ransomware isn’t going anywhere 
  2. Remote workers need additional protection
  3. Your client’s data and your company files are at risk without appropriate security and backups in place
  4. Security fatigue is common practice and on the rise

What is the solution?

  • Practice due diligence when it comes to protection, backups and security
  • Inquire with Rivercity Tech about creating a complimentary Disaster Recovery Plan for your organization 

(Source: CIRA)

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