While not automatic, this is how I do version tracking:

Create a local table called TblLocalRevision:

Make the RevisionNum and RevNotes fields set to Append Only  –  YES:

Enter data in the table to create ONE row only – with ID 1.

Enter data in Version nuber ex. 2.3   and notes ex.: Added a logo to the menu and added new sales report.

Show the current version number in your database using a dlookup on an unbound field in any form:


Now, anytime you push out a new updated front end, the latest version number shows.  If you make changes, do NOT add a new line.  Simply update the existing Version and Notes to whatever you want.  Because it is set to Append Only, it will archive the changes in that one row.  Now you can see the history by right clicking the field and choosing Show History.  Your user will always be able to see what version they are on.  Because it is a local table, you can push out updated front ends and users know if they have the latest version or not.

Simple, but effective.  YES, you can automate this with scripts or policies or other mehods – I have done that.  But that is a different lesson!

Jeff Shirley