Here is some sample code to help you build your database, from us!

Sample VBA Database with code and button examples in it
Sample Functional database with custom menu, powerful forms and reports, and lots of neat code and tricks in it. (the password to enter the database is 'admin')

Find out who is currently in the database with Brent Spaulding's excellent tool:

Download his Who is Connected tool here! Donations are always appreciated and can be made to Brent Spaulding at

For more info on the tool check out this post!

Build your own ribbon for your database:

You have to use this tool, an excellent program with a user-friendly GUI to customize and integrate your own ribbons.  Why do things the hard way when companies like Avenius create apps that allow us to save time and money doing things the easy way!  Order your copy today here:

External database resources:

UtterAccess - world renown website for all things Microsoft Access.  We don't believe in reinventing the wheel, so please use Utter Access to source code examples, free support, or answers from the Database Gods!  You can find Jeff there lurking under the guise of "Canada Jeff".
Access Community
FMS Inc. (Access developer resources)